Splits Challenge

I want our first challenge to be a little laid back and something we can all do to start off.  I know I have gotten out of the habit of stretching before and after a workout.  Sometimes I’m too lazy and most of the time I just forget!  But it’s really important to stretch to avoid injuries when working out.

I used to be a cheerleader in high school and was so much more flexible back then!  It has always been a goal of mine to be able to do the splits, so let’s see if we can accomplish it!  And I am talking about the front split.

Let’s be honest, I know that only crazy flexible people can do the straddle splits, like my friend Maddie! So not fair.

Here are days along with the time to hold your split:













source: Pinterest


Make sure you do some light stretching before you attempt the challenge.  This wikiHow page shows you just how to stretch before and the right form you should be using.


The first rule of Fit Club is: You do not talk about Fit Club.

The second rule of Fit Club is: Just Kidding!  Let’s talk about Fit Club!

Post in the comments how this challenge is going for you!  Share pics of your before and after with us on our Instagram @commonroompc or using hashtag #CRFitClub. I’ll come back at the end of the month and show you all how I did.  Good luck, Fit Clubbers!