#Fandom5 WINTER: Love & Hate

5 Fandom Friday Winter Love Hate #Fandom5

Polarity! Estee (HATE) and Lindsey’s (LOVE) posts for this week’s Five Fandom Friday!

Don’t forget to check out the wonderful hosts of this link up: Megan (The Nerdy Girlie) and Kristin (Super Space Chic)!

Estee Winter Hate #Fandom5 Five Fandom Friday   Lindsey Loves Winter #Fandom5 Five Fandom Friday

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There’s a joke here about WIN in Winter and something along the lines of won’ter, but I’m not finding it. ~H


  • The snow looks so nice!

  • Funny thing I spoke too soon about it not getting that cold yet. We just had virtually ever school in the area close for 2 days due to extreme temps & snow. The worst part Saturday is due to be even worse!

  • GREAT Idea can’t wait to read! xx

  • YES hated the entire process of trying to drive somewhere in the snow! Do not miss that at all! Winter is deff my least favorite season! xx

  • I LOVE the seasonal teas too! I gotta go stock up before they are gone! xx

    • They have a vanilla one that is wonderful as well. We are in Orlando and I am itching to hit up trader joes….mostly for the hope that they still have the teas in stock!