#Fandom5 Friday: My Favorite Theme Park Rides


Lindsey here! This week’s #Fandom5 Friday topic from Megan and Kristin is Favorite Theme Park Rides!

lazy river fandom5 theme park rides

1. I love water rides. The Lazy River definitely isn’t a thrill ride but it offers a little chance to relax between crazy scary rides.

mad tea cups fandom5 theme park rides
2. My love for the Disney Tea Cups is due to nostalgia more than anything else. Disney was my first theme park visit with my Grandma. Of course it was MAGICAL.

vortex kings island fandom5 theme park rides
3. My dad took me to Kings Island for the first time when I was in 5th grade. He started me off with an “easy” roller coaster. The Vortex was my second ride and it went upside down and it was absolutely terrifying but I insisted on sitting in front.

Congo river Fandom 5 theme park rides

4. I could ride Congo River all day! My favorite version is at Bush Gardens.

swing ride fandom5 theme park rides

5. My ABSOLUTE favorite ride is the Spinning Swings! I love the feeling of flying and over looking everything.

What Are Your Favorite Rides?