#Fandom5 Fictional Couples I Ship

Five Fandom Friday Common Room Valentines

Hey guys! Estee here for the Valentine’s installment of Fandom Friday. The Nerdy Girlie and Super Space Chick gave a fun topic for this one. I was so excited when I saw it. I just knew I had to do it. So without further ado here are my

5 Fictional Couples I Ship!

1. Hermione and Ron (Harry Potter series)

So many people say they thought it would end up being Hermione and…well any number of the other male characters. Not me. I had a gut feeling it would be these two together in the end. They may not have a perfect relationship (as J.K. Rowling herself has mentioned) but let’s be honest here no one does. To me, it’s clear that they truly care for and genuinely love each other. In my opinion, that’s as perfect as any couple could wish for.

Ron Hermione otp Harry Potter ship love couple

2. Martha and Mickey (Doctor Who)

I know we only get to see them together VERY briefly, but I was so happy when we did! I felt bad for Mickey when Rose dumped him to take off with the Doctor. In fact, I could probably go on a tangent about the way Rose treated Mickey but I’ll save that for a more appropriate time. As for Martha…I felt bad for her too. She wanted more from the Doctor but at least he laid his cards on the table from the beginning and even though she wanted more she know where she stood. So when we see Martha and Mickey together and married in the episode The End of Time I was delighted that they had each other.

valentine's tenth doctor david tennant freema ackerman

3. Lisa and Dean (Supernatural)

These two were so great together. I know they had to split up for the sake of the show’s entire premise to continue to work but in Let It Bleed when Dean has Castiel wipe Lisa and Ben’s memories my heart broke. Dean was happy with Lisa but sadly the Winchester Brother’s never get to stay happy for long. I guess happiness is the price you have to pay to save the world.

jensen ackles the wb cw Winchester

4. Alyssa and Jeb (Splintered series)

Now I admit that I haven’t read the last book in the series yet so I don’t know if their on again off again relationship ends on a high or low note. However, I enjoy them when they are together. They make a good team and it’s obvious they care very deeply for each other. While I understand Alyssa’s occasional attraction to Morpheus, she clearly has a thing for the bad boy type, at least Jeb is only a bad boy in a superficial way. Jeb is caring and sweet at heart. While Morpheus is selfish and constantly manipulating people to get what he wants. I don’t know which guy Alyssa picks in the end, but I know that I hope it’s Jeb.

AG Howard Alice in Wonderland

5. Regina and Robin

I  really feel like these two bring out the best in each other. Sure Robin is a thief but we all know his motives come from a good place and he’s generally a good guy. Regina…well…we know she was evil and has done some awful things, but she wants to be a better person. I think Robin helps her with that. She wants to be the kind of woman she feels he deserves so she works hard to get there. He does everything he can think of to help save her from herself. Besides who am I to argue with magic that leads someone to their true love.

evil queen robin hood snow white abc disney

Which Couples Do YOU Ship?


  • I totally agree on Martha and Mickey, Estee! I felt so bad for both of them, so I was really glad when they included that short scene to let us know everything had worked out for them after all :)

    • I’m glad I’m not alone! I know they are kind of obscure as far as pairings in the Doctor Who world since it is shown so briefly but I was so happy that they each found someone. And not only just any someone but a person that they can share all of the crazy experiences they’ve had with that won’t think that they’ve gone insane. They really are rather perfect for each other.

  • B.

    Aw, Lisa and Dean. I was really hoping she’d stick around!

    • I did too. I was so sad when they cleared her memories. I know it was for the best but it still hurt like crazy. I felt awful for Dean.

  • OMG Robin + Regina foreverrr. I have no idea how I completely overlooked OUAT in my list. Shame on me. Let’s not forget Emma + Killian *swoon*…or better yet, ME and Killian! <3

    • I was torn between Robin & Regina or Emma & Killian. I agree I’d ship myself with Hook any day ;)