#Fandom5 Fandom Tattoos I Want

This Fandom Friday is one of my favorite things to dream about; what fandom tattoos I want! Thanks Super Space Chick and The Nerdy Girlie for this prompt!

fandom tattoos

I currently do not have any tattoos because I have a personal rule for permanent body art. I have to want the same thing in the same place for 5 years. This seems like a long time, but I’m terrified of regretting my tattoo, so I figure if I still want it after 5 years, then I probably won’t have regrets.

There are a few other tattoo ideas that didn’t quite make the list (honorable mentions go to an anti-possession symbol from Supernatural) but these 5 are the geeky ideas I’ve been knocking around in my brain for a while.

1. Starbuck’s Tattoo from Battlestar Galactica
Location: My Arm

fandom tattoosI’ve worn this as a temporary tattoo a few times while I’ve been cosplaying, and every time I’ve worn it I feel like a total badass. This is a photo from an NYCC fan meetup.

2. “I Must Not Tell Lies” from Harry Potter
White Ink
Location: On My Hand

Catherine Elhoffer has a “Mudblood” tattoo on her arm, which I absolutely LOVE, but I think that if I were to get a HP tattoo it would be this one. (Listen to our episodes with the lady behind our favorite fandom clothes, here and here!)i must not tell lies harry potter umbridge

Umbridge is such a terrifying villain. Although she was never a Death Eater, or never had the Dark Mark, she happily supported Voldemort’s racist regime. That kind of closed minded thinking makes me so angry, and having this tattoo would remind me to always be accepting and kind.

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3. Lightsabers or Wands or Swords
Location: On My Fingers

Solely so I could have little finger fights.

star wars lightsabers aotc

This is a prime example of why I have my rule. I know I want a mythical weapon on my pointer finger, but I keep changing my mind about which one! (Editor’s Note: Or a sonic screwdriver!) Temporary Tattoos might do for now.

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4. Mad Max Skull Brand with “We Are Not Things” Underneath It
Color: White Ink
Location: On the Back of My Neck

Mad Max Skull Brand fandom tattoos

I’m not sure I would ever get this one, but I loved Mad Max: Fury Road, and so I love this idea. I’d probably get “we are not things” before I would get the brand.

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Metal, Decals


5. “Very Dangerous Over Short Distances” in Dwarven Runes from Lord of the Rings
on my foot 

This is probably the one that I would get first out of all of these fandom tattoos. I’ve never identified as a dwarf. I’ve always considered myself a hobbit. Yet Gimli and Legolas share one of my favorite relationships I’ve ever read.

Their friendship makes me smile every time I think about it, and I love the scene in the movies where Legolas, Gimli, and Aragorn are running across Rohan to try to catch up to the Orcs who have taken Pippin and Merry.

fandom tattoos

If I were to get another LOTR tattoo, it would either be the tree of Gondor or one of many quotes, but this idea is my favorite.

I’m also a runner. While I love running longer distances now, in high school when I was on the track team, my sisters ran distance races while I ran sprints. I too was wasted on cross-country.

Debbie Circle BG Label 3 darolfWhich Fandom Tattoos
Would YOU Get?


  • Steena

    All of them. All the tattoos. I have so many that I want but the money and I want to be able to cover them up and, the more I learn, the more I realize I want BIG tattoos so that’s a problem and, and… :/

    • I feel you, it’s a problem! There are just so many good designs and artists and not enough money or me!

    • My problem is I’m running out of places for mine. (& lack of funds as well)

  • Love them alllllll!

    • Thanks! There are a few others that I love that just barely didn’t make the list. Too many options!

  • Okay, I love the tattoo that Gimli says. I think that was one of my favorite parts of the second part to be honest. And yes!!! Totally love their friendship that evolved throughout the series.

    • Gimli and Legolas are the best, right?? The Two Towers is my favorite part of the book and my favorite film, partially because it has so many good Legolas/Gimli moments.

  • Desiree

    Oh these are all great ideas. I think your rule of waiting 5 years isn’t unreasonable. After all these are permanent. I have to say I love all my tattoos, but I did think long and hard for all of them. I’m sure you’ll get one if and when the time is right.

    • Thank you! What tattoos do you have? I always love hearing about other people’s ink :)

      • Desiree

        I have a Phoenix on my calf, cupcakes on my clavicles, a universal with stars representing my husband and kids on my forearm, a feather with exploding birds and This Too Shall Pass on my wrist.