#Fandom5 Characters I Would Name My Kids After

Harry Potter Luna Lovegood  Piper Halliwell

Estee here for another edition of #Fandom5. The Nerdy Girlie and Super Space Chick have a great topic this week and as a mom it’s one I’ve actually put lots of thought into. That said, in full disclosure, a few of the names on this listed I’ve liked since before I had ever heard of the characters but after meeting the characters I fell in love with the names. So without further ado here are the

Characters I Would Name My Kids After

Ladies first (in no particular order):

Lily Potter Harry Potter

1. Lily
So Lily is one of those names I’ve always (no joke intended there but I guess it works) really liked. My favorite flower is the Calla Lily so that started my interest in the name. It’s actually one of the names I considered if my son had been a girl. The more I learned about Lily Potter the more I grew to love the name. She was a smart, sweet girl that grew up to be a brave, loving mother.

Luna Lovegood Harry Potter

2. Luna
Ok, I know I picked two girls names from Harry Potter, but Luna is awesome. Luna Lovegood is by far my favorite Potter character. Not only is she quirky and fun but she is incredibly clever and unfailingly loyal. She is a key player in my favorite scene in the books as well. (It’s in chapter 32 of Deathly Hallows page 649 of the US paperback.) On top of all that, the name itself means moon in a couple different languages and I love the moon which plays into my love of the moniker.

Piper Halliwell Charmed3. Piper
From the first time I saw Charmed, I loved the character of Piper so of course I loved her name too. In case you haven’t picked up on it I like names that aren’t extremely common. Piper fits that bill. The thing I love most about Piper Halliwell is how she grew as a character without completely changing who she was at her core. She was always a bit obsessive and nervous but she learned to channel it to work in her favor and it made her a productive, successful business woman and mother.

Harley Quinn Batman DC comics

4. Harley
Harley is another name I actually liked before I met the character of Harley Quinn. I wanted one of the motorcycles when I was a teenager. Then I met Harley Quinn and she was insane. For some reason, I am drawn to the villains that are absolutely positively crazy. I’m even the type of person that would be cheeky and use Quinn as a middle name with Harley.

Violet Willy Wonka Charlie and the Chocolate Factory5. Violet
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
was one of my favorite movies growing up. The one line that always stuck with me was “You’re turning violet, Violet!” that caused the name to become ingrained in my memory and I just fell in love with it. The name, much like the movie, is beautiful and in its own way timeless.


Princess Jasmine Aladin Disney

This is another of those names I liked before I heard about the character. The main difference with this one is that I actually want it for myself first. Jasmine is another name that I would’ve named a daughter had I ever had one. What little girl wouldn’t love to be named after a fairytale princess AND a beautiful flower?

Now for the Gentlemen (again in no particular order):

Cole Turner Charmed

1. Cole
The first time I heard this name on Charmed I loved it. If I would’ve had another child (and it was a boy, of course) I would have without a doubt named him Cole. Since I couldn’t have more kids I made a Build-a-Bear and named it after the handsome devil (that joke is intended) instead. Cole was my favorite of all of Phoebe’s love interests. He tried so hard to be good and in the end (by which I mean his final appearance in season 7) he helped Phoebe find a way to open her heart again.

Ezra Fitz Pretty Little Liars PLL

2. Ezra
I like the name Ezra because it’s different. Like I mentioned before I like names that are a bit unique. Ezra Fitz is cute, smart and when he’s at his best extremely sweet. I definitely like TV  Ezra better than book Ezra though. In fact, I was pretty disappointed in book Ezra. I’d say that Ian Harding is the sole reason for this, but I would be kidding myself (he certainly doesn’t hurt though).

Rory Pond Doctor Who

3. Rory
I heard the name Rory before Doctor Who and never really gave it much thought. Then I meet Rory Pond. How could I not end up loving the name of a guy that was so devoted to his girl he basically kept coming back from the dead to be with her?

Killian Hook Once Upon a Time OUAT

4. Killian
While I’m sure Killian isn’t a “new” name, until Once Upon a Time I had never really heard of it. It’s another one of those names that’s uncommon that catches my attention. It’s also much nicer than Hook.

Dean Winchester Supernatural

5. Dean
I have to be honest Dean Winchester is not the first character named Dean that I love. That honor goes to Corey Feldman’s Dean from License to Drive. They are not the only characters named Dean I enjoy either. (Dean Thomas from Harry Potter comes to mind.) However, Dean Winchester solidified my love for the name Dean. The Winchester brothers are both more than just a couple of pretty faces. Dean is complex and deep which is why I love him and his name.


Pike Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie

In 1992, five years before the TV show, there was a Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie. It was a comedy and the similarities between it and the TV show are pretty superficial. Nonetheless, in high school I had a huge fixation with vampires and had to see it. Of course, I loved it. Luke Perry played Oliver Pike, who preferred to be called solely by his last name. When I heard the name Pike I swore that one day I would name one of my sons Pike. I grew out of my insistence on using the name (and my son’s father had his heart set on something else) but I still like it.

What Characters Would YOU Name YOUR Kids After?