#Fandom5: 5 Magical Items I Would Love to Own

This is my first ever Fandom Friday post, and I am pretty excited. It is on a topic that I love (magic!), but it was surprisingly hard to choose my top five magical items I want to own. I did finally figure some out, so let’s take a look!

Bow Arrow Time Turner Hermione Harry Potter

1. Invisibility Cloak

What introvert doesn’t want an invisibility cloak? You get to get away from people for a while, and actually sit and think. It would be really nice to throw on that cloak, find a quiet place, and read. Although, I’m pretty sure my cats would still be able to find me and still get in the way of whatever I’m reading.

 2. A Wand from Ollivander’s

I want to know the whole experience of the wand choosing the wizard and finding something I can use for daily chores and saving the world. Or taking it over; whatever I feel like that day. This obviously means I’d want to head to Hogwarts and learn magic, and I’m not sure if I can count the entirety of Hogwarts and learning magic as one magical item. (You can get Draco’s from The Noble Collection)

Harry Potter Draco Malfoy Wand

 3. Pensieve

Yes, a lot of the magical items I want are from Harry Potter, but that’s because they’re so cool. A Pensieve is a great thing because you can empty out your mind and store it into a magic bowl, which must feel really nice. Obviously, people still remember what they’ve stored in the pensieve, but I feel that they probably lose the whole heavy weight of it all. How nice would that be? After a busy day, taking the thoughts out of your mind and relaxing.

Half Blood Prince Dumbledore snape

 4. Time Turner

I’m really busy with work, personal life, and blogging for different places, and sometimes a time turner would be excellent. I don’t want to mess with time too much, but it would still be nice to have the option!
(You can get Hermione’s Gold Time Turner from The Noble Collection!)

Harry Potter Hermione Granger Time Turner

 5. Susan’s Bow and Arrow

While maybe not sparkly magical, her bow and arrow are still pretty awesome and definitely special. I’m working on archery and have always loved the look of bows and arrows so it would be really cool to have hers!

Susan Chronicles of Narnia

What Are the Top 5 Magical Items You’d Like to Own?