Tummy Trouble Treatments

In this month’s Cloud Nine we will be talking about Tummy Trouble Treatments. 

Everyone gets the occasional belly ache or bout of indigestion. So here are some ways to take care of some of those stomach upsets without medicines.


1. Peppermint Tea

Personally peppermint tea is my go to tummy soother. I find that it helps calm my acid reflux as well as the nausea I get from motion sickness. Many doctors will tell you that natural peppermint is excellent in helping digestion. If you aren’t a tea drinker peppermint candies help as well but they tend not to be as strong since the peppermint oil in them isn’t as concentrated.


2. Rice

Keeping what you eat bland is usually a good idea when you have an upset stomach. So steamed rice is a great option. My doctor has often recommended rice to help settle my tummy troubles. Doctors regular suggest it to stop diarrhea. Slightly burnt toast is also a great option since it absorbs the acid and toxins that are causing your stomach to feel yucky in the first place.

ginger ale

3. Ginger Ale

The reason ginger ale works so well to settle issues with nausea and other digestive problems is, of course, the ginger. Check the label to be sure the ginger ale you get is made with REAL ginger and not flavored artificially. Ginger tea works even better since it contains more concentrated amounts of ginger though sometimes the carbonation in the ginger ale can also be a great help in relieving gas.


4. Yogurt

Usually dairy is not the first thought you have when you’re having stomach problems. However, the probiotics in yogurt can not only ease digestive upsets but it can boost your immune system as well. Non-flavored yogurt works best, but these days with brands like Activia it’s not hard to find flavored yogurts that will work just as well.


5. Fiber

If your troubles are due to feeling constipated adding fiber to your diet can help. Many fruits and fruit juices can help alleviate constipation. Prunes and prune juice are well known to help but cherries, grapes (and therefore raisins) as well as apricots and apples can help too.

What Do YOU Do When You Have a Stomach Ache?
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