BONUS EP: BookCon 2015


Last year the inaugural BookCon, was in NYC, but I was unable to make it because of holidays. So this year I grabbed a ticket and boy was it worth it!

Book Con Panoramic 2015 Javitz Center

Join me and Debbie from the IGGPPC and her podcast You Haven’t Seen?! as we discuss the con. Debbie went on Saturday and I went on Sunday so we swapped notes.

Lily Koppel Astronaut Wives Club Book Con 2015   Book Con Stairs Advertisement 2015 Javitz Center

My highlights besides the panel and all the free books, was finding out that the show Astronaut Wives Club is a book too! Can’t wait for that show to come out!

Book Con Free books astronaut wive's club

Here are 2 audio recordings of two panels from the con.

Jason Segel and Lev Grossman

+ The Big Bad Theory: Tropes and Archetypes of Evil in Science Fiction and Fantasy with Charlie Jane Anders, David Wellington, Ilana Myer, Michael Buckley, and Scott Westerfeld.


  • B.

    I’m glad you were able to make it this time!

    • Me too. I’m actually considering trekking to Chicago for next year. It will be SO worth it. :)