Beauty Fails


This episode we’re talking about Beauty Fails. Ever test out a tip from a magazine, tv show, or the internet and just fail miserably? We recount our biggest fails and what we did, if anything, to make it a win!


Tooth PasteHadas

Ethnicity/Skin Color: Middle Eastern/Light brown
Skin Type: 
Acne Prone
Pepper Potts (practical) about makeup, Evil Queen (dramatic) about maintenance
Beauty Fail: Toothpaste on a blemish. It worked at reducing, but kind of dried it up into a scab and made it cracked under makeup. Still not the worst fail! I also mentioned a failed bubble bath recipe and I am still on the hunt for a good solution! (no pun intended)




Ethnicity/Skin Color: Latina/White – light olive
Skin Type: Normal
Expertise/Usage: In between Pepper Potts (practical) & Cordelia Chase (trendy)
Budget: Drugstore
Beauty Fail: Cracked Heels.  I have the worst cracked heels.  Aside from having them ‘razored’, nothing seems to work.  Pinterest to the rescue – or so I thought.  This “remedy” only made my heels blue.

Before and after – This was a beauty fail!











Ethnicity/Skin Color: White very fair
Skin Type:  Combination
Expertise/Usage:  Pepper Potts (practical)
Budget:  Drugstore, Avon and occasionally Department Store
Beauty Fail:  Deodorant marks…I have tried everything from deodorants that claim not to leave white marks on clothes to what feels like acrobatics while dressing trying to avoid this and found nothing that works. 



Did you ever suffer a Beauty Fail? Let us know in the comments!