Magic vs Muggle: Journalism, Education, + More!


JK Rowling created a very detailed and well-plotted story. Yet how come Hogwarts’ students miss out on traditional problem solving and critical thinking lessons? Are most wizards idiots?

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Jada an officer of Geek Girl Brunch and Julia of our future Lost rewatch podcast episodes suggested we discuss more philosophical issues in Harry Potter. Like how the media works in the wizarding world and what aspects of the muggle world do Wizards actually care about and/or get involved in.

Magic vs Muggle Media:

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We know about The Daily Prophet and the Quibbler but are those the only news publications the Wizarding World has? What does it mean that The Daily Prophet’s offices are within the Ministry of Magic’s offices? Is it ever a good idea to have some control over the media or should it always be transparent and unbiased?

Magic vs Muggle Education:

It appears that wizards don’t get a chance to learn critical thinking skills. What’s up with that? Are we missing something? Is that why it’s so easy for them to take one source of journalism as the word on what’s going on in the world?

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Perhaps this is JK Rowling’s commentary on the world. Most of the world isn’t like Hermione, proactive, objective, and observant.

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This has been one of my favorite Potterweek records so far. Listen in and let us know what you think!

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