6 Ways to Have the Best Girls’ Night IN!

Sometimes things like budget, lack of a babysitter or even your friends living far away make going out impossible. So, for this installment of Cloud Nine, I’m sharing ideas for fun ways to Have a Girls’ Night IN! 

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A while back I was reading a post from Kristin over at Super Space Chick about why it’s important to have a girls’ night every so often. It’s great to spend time with your girls for a multitude of reasons ranging from catching up with good friends to blowing off a little steam. If your issue is that your friends don’t live nearby, use Skype, Facetime or whatever your preferred virtual means of connection is!

girls night in game night

1. Game Night

Whether it’s video games online or board games in person game night is a fun way to reconnect. Just keep in mind that if any of your friends are super competitive you may want to reconsider game night. If you aren’t sure why I’m suggesting this check out the episodes of Friends called The One with All the Poker and The One in Barbados, Part 2 and keep an eye on Monica.

2. Craft Night 

Personally, I’m not a very crafty person. To be perfectly honest, I’m pretty bad at most anything to do with crafts. Yet Pinterest is awash with different projects with varying degrees of difficulty. My friends and I have managed to find projects that were so customizable anyone of any skill level could do them.

girls night movies

3. Movie Night

No matter what genre you and your pals prefer movie night is a nice way to sit back and relax with good friends. The coolest thing about watching a movie with your friends is that once the movie is over it becomes a fantastic topic of discussion.

4. Baking/Cooking Night

The best part of a baking/cooking night is that the snacks are literally built in. One year around the holidays my friends and I made sugar cookies and decorated them. It was a fun night that we all really enjoyed. You can do any menu you and your friends choose. For some tasty recipe ideas check out our Customizable Cooking section.

girls night mani

5. Spa Night

What could be more fun than a spa night? You and your besties can give each other facials (check out our DIY Face Masks) and mani/pedis without the high spa prices. Granted this idea plays out differently if done in a virtual world it can still be fun to chat over polish colors online.

 6. Old Fashioned Slumber Party 

So, I asked, “What could be more fun than a spa night?” Well, the answer is A SLUMBER PARTY! Just think, you can combine all five of the previous ideas into one all night extravaganza. This idea, like the spa night, can still work in a virtual setting as long as everyone involved is willing to keep the virtual connection all night.

Whatever plan of action you decide to take just remember that girls’ night is what you make of it. The important thing is that you and your BFFs spend some quality time together.

What’s your favorite way to Have a Girls’ Night IN?
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