How to Keep Yourself Motivated to Workout?

I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time getting back in the gym. Motivation is hard to gain after a period of not working out. I’ve done some research and compiled a list of tips to share with you! Let’s learn how to get back in the gym AND make it stick!

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1)  Ease Back Into It

Don’t try to start at the same level of working out you were at when you stopped. Chances are your performance level is not the same. Trying to overextend yourself could increase your risk for injury. Also, this could lead to frustration which will in turn zap your motivation. Instead, start at a level that is a decent challenge for your current fitness level and then slowly build your level from there.

2)  Consistency is Key

One thing that bothers me is when I hear people say, “there’s always time to work out, you just have to make sure to do it!” I don’t know about you, but sometimes my schedule is just insane. I truly don’t have time to work out. Instead of feeling guilty and just giving up, what I have found that has helped me is scheduling time weekly. I have a personal goal currently of working out three times a week. On the weekend, I look at what I have going on the next week and what days are good and what days aren’t. By making it a part of my schedule at the beginning of the week, it takes the whole “when can I find the time” part out.

Exercise Ball and Weights3)  Mix it Up

One super common thing that happens is workout fatigue. By fatigue, I really mean boredom. Think of the blank stares on the treadmill, just going through the motions. Snap out of it!  Bored in what used to be your favorite class? Why not try hitting the treadmill and then some weights? Bored on the treadmill? Try a class or break up your time on the treadmill with some intervals. Find something that makes going to the gym fresh again.

4)  Have a Buddy (or Two)

Being accountable to someone other than yourself really helps get you into the gym when you may want to stay home instead. An obvious choice for this would be a spouse or significant other. This is a great choice and a bad choice. When you are both into it as a team – watch out! However, if one person starts to slip it can easily affect the other person to lose motivation. I’m not suggesting to not buddy up with your honey, instead have an additional buddy. Friends are great for this, and possibly someone you see frequently at the gym. The more ties you have to the gym the better your chances are to keep going.

View of the GymI personally have started hitting the gym again after a period of absence. I am trying to be patient with myself and have found these tips are helping me.

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What Keeps You Working Out??
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