30 Day Push Up Challenge

The first rule of Fit Club is: You do not talk about Fit Club.

The second rule of Fit Club is: Just Kidding!  Let’s talk about Fit Club!

Hey, Fit Clubbers!

This month I have chosen to do a push up challenge! I realized during our Lannister Workout that my upper body strength needs some work. And this is a challenge I can do while my leg is recovering from my car accident last month. So I chose an EASY Push Up Challenge from this website that has a ton of 30 Day Challenges. Their site also includes a video if you need help with out to do your push ups correctly. This challenge starts off very slow so we won’t get discouraged.

30 Day Easy Push Up Challenge

Post in the comments how this challenge is going for you!  

Share pics of your before and after with us on our Instagram @commonroompc or using hashtag #CRFitClub.


I’ll come back at the end of the month and show you all how I did.

Good luck, Fit Clubbers!